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Wood Plyo Box with Cover


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Enhance speed, force and strength while fostering explosive power with the No.084 Wooden Plyo Box by Sunny Health and Fitness. Plyometric training is a very popular form of both physical conditioning for those looking to combine strength and endurance training. The heavy-duty wooden plyometric box supports up to 500 lb max weight. Plyometric exercises target various muscle groups as you perform repeated extensions and contractions at maximal force. These types of exercises require your legs and core muscles to contract quickly helping generate maximum force with each leap. The three height levels allow you to change routine which helps improve competitive performance and prepares your body for different exercises. Each side can be changed from 30, 24, and 20-inch height for a versatile and challenging plyometric training session. The plyometric jump box comes with a detachable vinyl covered 1-inch foam padding cover. The tear-resistant cover can be reattached using the convenient Velcro along the edges of the entire covering. This padded one-inch foam located inside the padding gives you the option for extra support during jumps. Easily remove the covering off the wooden jump box as needed. Plyometric training is most effective when integrated systematically and executed 2-3 times per week. This type of exercise is also shown to improve conditioning capacities of athletes involved in sports like volleyball, karate, and soccer. The plyo wooden box measures at 30L X 24W X 20H while weighting an incredible 74 lb. Build strength and stamina with the Plyo Box by Sunny Health and Fitness.


– Packing Time (days) : 2

– Delivery Time (days) : 6

– Box 1 Height : 11.60

– UPC : 815749012340

– Attribute Material : Wood

– Box 1 Depth : 32.00

– Box 1 Width : 24.60

– Brand : Sunny Health & Fitness

– Box 1 Weight : 76.20

Additional information

Weight 11.16 kg
Dimensions 81.28 × 193.548 × 29.464 cm



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